host meaningful conversations

To make decisions that reflect communities’ needs, we need meaningful engagement.

We develop robust public and stakeholder engagement programs that allow our clients to understand how people respond to local issues and decisions. We communicate their feedback to decision-makers so that actions are taken with their needs in mind.

Our programs are rooted in IAP2 philosophy and are designed to reach diverse audiences. We understand that we must do the work to ensure that a variety of voices are heard throughout our processes.

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engage with purpose

We work with our clients to ensure that we know what information we need from participants, and how it will inform decision-making processes.

  • Engagement strategy
  • Online engagement
  • Facilitation and workshops
  • In-person public engagement
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We have worked with the Spur team on a number of communication and engagement projects now. At each step, they’ve come prepared, understood what we needed, and engaged students, their family members, staff and stakeholders meaningfully. I welcome the chance to work with them again in the future.

when to reach out

Drawing in participants, engaging stakeholders and the public, and reporting back on feedback is an arduous task. Let us do the leg-work.

reaching diverse audiences

Pulling in diverse participants is essential, but doesn’t come without challenges. Our team will help design promotional strategies that reach target communities.

facilitating hard conversations

Projects can include changes that impact people’s day-to-day lives. At times, these cause friction in the community. Our team can facilitate hard conversations, sometimes with heavily divided groups.

communicating complex concepts

Often, organizations need to engage in intricate and complicated information. Our team is well-versed in translating complex concepts into easy-to-digest materials, ensuring that diverse communities can engage with new and evolving concepts.

reporting back, quickly

To earn trust in an engagement project, we need to report back to the community quickly and transparently. Our team can help analyze and summarize feedback, and translate results into easily accessible information.

what we offer

We are a full-service agency. We can tackle your online and in-person engagement activities from start to finish. We work with clients who want to have meaningful conversations with the communities they serve.

engagement strategy

Our team will design a bespoke engagement strategy that is designed to get the feedback you need from the people most impacted. We will outline how to reach diverse participants, what questions to ask, and how to best track feedback. Our strategies can be executed by our team or in-house with your own.

online engagement

Broad-based online engagement provides opportunities to reach large audiences in a short amount of time – but they must be designed accessibly and intentionally. Our team is well-versed in online engagement tools, such as Civil Space, Ethelo and Bang the Table (among others) and can help you design and execute robust online conversations.

facilitation and workshops

We have expert facilitators in-house. We will design workshops that allow participants to provide valuable feedback. We will compile and analyze feedback, reporting back on each conversation that unfolded.

in-person public engagement

Whether it’s a pop-up event, open house or equity-based townhall, our team of engagement consultants is here to deliver your event from start to finish. We will develop your promotions, design interactive materials, run the event, and report back on what was heard.

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