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Every story has an eager audience. Let us help you find it.

We develop and execute comprehensive multi-channel communication strategies. We always start with the end in mind, marrying emergent marketing best practices with custom strategic insights. And when it comes to measuring success, we focus on more than views and click-throughs. Our communication consulting services help facilitate meaningful two-way conversations, sustaining your story over the long term.

  • Communication strategies
  • Integrated communication and engagement strategies
  • Annual communication plans
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share your story

Everything you say and do is a story. What do you want the headline to be? We can help you develop – or reimagine – your brand promise. We offer content developing services to keep your stories at the top of the feed. And when a reporter calls, you can feel confident and ready after one of our media training programs.

  • Brand development and identity
  • Brand positioning
  • Multi-channel content marketing
  • Media training
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We have worked with the Spur team on a number of communication and engagement projects now. At each step, they’ve come prepared, understood what we needed, and engaged students, their family members, staff and stakeholders meaningfully. I welcome the chance to work with them again in the future.

when to reach out

Communication is intuitive. But strategy? That’s deeper. Have you started but lost your way? Or maybe you don’t know where to start at all? No matter the sticking point, let’s get unstuck.

struggling to stand out

A brand is a promise. Have you forgotten yours? If you’re struggling to stand out, we can conduct competitive analysis and brand positioning. And if you need a new identity altogether, we can lead the process every step of the way.

singing different songs

Consistency is key. Is your team singing from the same songbook? You need a central, unifying narrative for who you are, what you do and why it matters. We can help refine key messages that bring teams together and strengthen your story.

always reacting

No one likes to be caught off guard. It’s unsustainable to always be reacting to emergent issues or opportunities you didn’t see coming. And it’s never a good thing to get a surprise call from the media. We can help you get ahead and be prepared.

missing the moment

There are only a few hours – or even minutes – to capitalize on an opportune moment. Are you on the sidelines when your competitors seize the marketing moment? A proactive approach to communication can position you to see opportunities well in advance – and even prime you to respond when the time is right.

what we offer

We are a full-service agency. We provide a wide spectrum of services, working with you through any phase of planning or execution. We partner with clients over the long-term and ideally work as an extension of their internal team.

communication strategies

No matter the goal, there’s a message (or three) to help you get there. We start with the end in mind, defining and striving towards clear objectives. Then we unearth key strategic insights and develop messages that will resonate with your target audiences. Finally, we identify the best-fit tactics to reach your audiences. It’s the kind of work we love the most.

integrated communication and engagement strategies

Sometimes one-way communication isn’t enough. If you need to foster a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, an integrated approach is the way to go. We design communication and engagement strategies that can raise awareness and interest first, then pull people into the conversation.

annual communication plans

If strategic plans identify an end destination, annual operating plans are a roadmap to get there. But what stories will you tell on the journey? Our annual communication plans help teams develop a unified approach that outlines who’s saying what, to whom, when.

brand development and identity

If you have a promising start-up, we can help you carve out your identity. Or if your organization has a longstanding identity, our team can give it an effective refresh. We work with skilled designers to build beautiful brands.

brand positioning

Sometimes brands lose their way. We can get you back on track. Our brand positioning services work when a brand name and logo are strong, but the story is not. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your sector and provide clear recommendations to reclaim the spotlight.

multi-channel content marketing

There are endless ways to reach your audiences. We can help mitigate the overwhelm and focus on the channels that matter most. We produced coordinated, strategic content that works across a multitude of platforms.

media training

Whether you’re building a proactive public relations strategy – or fielding media calls before you’re ready – we can help. As media training consultants we specialize in media and message training that builds confidence and nets results. We customize training programs to suit your brand, sector, issue and messaging.

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