WAVAW, a long-standing non-profit serving survivors of sexualized violence, needed to re-imagine its vision, mission, values and priorities. They sought a partner who could design and facilitate a constructive internal consultation and produce an inspiring strategic plan for the entire team.

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key opportunities

This project presented several key hurdles to overcome. We were up to the challenge.

the impact of trauma

Like WAVAW, we needed to take a trauma-informed approach that was sensitive to the unique needs of sexual violence survivors and their allies.

the fluidity of gender

WAVAW had always been accessible for self-identifying women. But it was time to be more inclusive of diverse genders – a big change that needed the right messaging.

diverse perspectives

This complex project required engagement at every level of the organization, from staff and volunteers to leadership and the board of directors. We had to ensure everyone was heard.

battling burn-out

Crisis work can be draining. We had to engage front-line staff when they were managing peak service demands and mounting pressure to transform outcomes for survivors.

our approach

Spur worked directly with the WAVAW executive team and board chair to understand the organization’s past, present and future. We consulted staff and board members to assess areas of strength for the organization, as well as pain points and fears in relation to proposed changes. We facilitated several days of deep dialogue to re-imagine the organization’s core identity.

space for vulnerability

WAVAW is a supportive place to address trauma. We needed to ensure our process was culturally and psychologically safe for stakeholders to speak their truths.

active and affirmative listening

As facilitators, we needed to apply input in nimble ways to move decisions forward. We identified what was non-negotiable and what was open for a creative new approach – striking a balance to keep people invested.

dynamic experiences

Through carefully designed, hands-on exercises, we co-created a new vision, mission and values for the WAVAW. Stakeholders could see their ideas immediately come to life through collaboration with their colleagues.

coaching to prioritize

When the work is this important it’s hard not to take on too much. We created a framework for team members to prioritize the highest-impact activities with the limited resources they had on hand.

metrics that matter

Despite myriad challenges, this project netted great results. Here are just a few spotlight statistics.


new values


stakeholder groups



deep dialogue


meaningful tactics

our results

Over the course of six months, Spur facilitated a comprehensive program to engage every staff person and board member in a meaningful way. WAVAW’s new identity was well-received across all levels of the organization. We ensured organizational priorities and tactics were captured in an operating plan that could be actioned right away. We developed workbooks for leaders, staff and volunteers to stay accountable to the plan and reflect on their successes along the way.

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Natalie and Hilary really understood us and our values. They were organized, creative and diligent facilitators. They helped us do really ambitious and difficult things, like develop a new vision, mission and values and supported us to prioritize our overwhelming list of projects and opportunities. Spur helped usher WAVAW into an entirely new chapter for our organization. We are so glad we worked with them for our strategic plan.